Pioneer the new wave

AF 85mm F1.4 RF

@Daniel Gangur

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Classics Evolved

New Weather Sealing and Focus Lock Function
MF 14mm F2.8 SERIES II

@Donghwan Shin

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Classics Evolved

New De-Click Feature for Filming
MF 85mm F1.4 SERIES II

@Christopher Frost

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Tiny But Premium

High Resolution Wide Angle of View
AF 45mm F1.8 FE

@Daniel Fischer

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The world's first

AF 14mm F2.8 for RF Mount

@Taeyoung Eom

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Tiny But Absolute

Absolute Portraits in Compact Size
AF 75mm F1.8 FE

@Tom Halliday

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Tiny But Super Wide

AF 18mm F2.8 FE

@Taeyoung Eom

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New Lenses for Z mount

From Rokinon
MF 85mm F1.4 Z

@Ilona Teunissen

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Delivering Sharpness

With Beautiful Bokeh
AF 85mm F1.4 FE

@Mirco Zancanella

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World's Widest Prime Lens

Distortion Free
SP 10mm F3.5

@Zamir Popat

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Expand your video and film-making experiences with XEEN Professional Cinema Lenses. With outstanding optical performance for 8K+, focus on the Mise-en-scène of the images you want to create.

Rokinon Lens

Cine ds

This series features a unified focus gear and aperture gear positions, color matched to a standard ensuring consistent color rendition, de-clicked aperture for smooth, seamless and silent adjustment, dual calibrated right and left side distance and T-stop Scales (DS) Calibrated in T-stops to provide accurate and consistent exposure.

Rokinon 10/3.5 Lens

Special performance

These world class prime lenses yield extraordinary image quality for 50 megapixel photos and 8K (8192 x 4320) video productions. Features include an ergonomically shaped aluminum alloy housing with integrated hood, a precise and silky-smooth manual focus control, full use of Canon’s exposure control modes, and EXIF info is registered for Canon mount lenses.

Rokinon 85/1.4 Lens

series ii

These lenses include weather sealing, an aperture de-click switch for smooth and silent operation during video, a rubberized micro pattern focusing grip, and a nine blade circular aperture for greater bokeh. In addition, the focusing control action has been modified with a smoother, perfectly damped long throw for precise follow focus when shooting video.


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Photo Gallery

AF 24mm f2.8 fe @nic taylor


24mm F2.8 AF Compact Full Frame Wide Angle (Sony E)

MF 14mm F2.8 II @Donghwan Shin

Scenic View

14mm F2.8 SERIES II Full Frame Ultra Wide Angle

MF 14mm F2.8 @jarrett hucks


14mm F2.8 Full Frame Ultra Wide Angle

mf 135mm f2.0 @gary Brown


135mm F2.0 Full Frame Telephoto

MF 10mm F3.5 SP @Dave Fowlie


10mm F3.5 SP Full Frame (Canon EF with Automatic Chip)

AF 75mm f1.8 fe @jeon Jeung Hyun

Woman in Shadows

75mm F1.8 AF Compact Full Frame Telephoto (Sony E)

AF 35mm f2.8 fe @jkhairulazmas salim


35mm F2.8 AF Compact Full Frame Wide Angle (Sony E)

AF 85mm f1.4 RF @christopher frost


85mm F1.4 AF High Speed Full Frame Telephoto (Canon RF)

35mm f2.8 fe @Christopher frost

Large Boulders

35mm F2.8 AF Compact Full Frame Wide Angle (Sony E)

mF 21mm f1.4 @Sascha Schwarzer


21mm F1.4 Compact High Speed Wide Angle

mf 14mm f2.8 rf @Daniel Gangur


14mm F2.8 Full Frame Ultra Wide Angle (Canon RF)

mF 85mm f1.2 SP @Nic taylor


85mm F1.2 SP Full Frame (Canon EF with Automatic Chip)

New Rokinon Lenses

For more than 40 years, Rokinon camera lenses and optics have been revered as one of the most innovative product lines on the market. Synonymous with unparalleled quality, performance, and value, it’s no wonder the Rokinon brand is well respected and a trusted ally within the industry. Our team develops new Rokinon lenses uniquely designed to greatly expand your photo, video, and film experience.

Our advanced ordering system makes it easy to buy Rokinon lenses online. Simply browse our impressive selection of new Rokinon lenses—all made from the highest standard materials—and place your order at your convenience. Still not sure which of our Rokinon lenses for sale fits your needs? Our team will gladly help you find products that make sense for your needs. Contact us today for help with how to buy Rokinon lenses online today.

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