How To Choose the Best Cinema Lens for Filmmaking

How To Choose the Best Cinema Lens for Filmmaking - Rokinon

It can be difficult to know how to choose the best cinema lens for filmmaking. The options for cine lenses are as vast as photography lenses. You need a lens you can depend on, and that has all the features you need to make a good film. Find out how to pick out the perfect lens or lens set below.

Lens Type

Like photography lenses, cinema lenses come in different styles, such as fisheye, wide-angle, and macro. A wider lens may produce a more distorted image around the edges. Wide-angle lenses are preferred in filmmaking because they capture the background and place the viewer in the scene.

Par-Focal Lenses

One of the elements that makes cine lenses superior to photography lenses is par-focal. With a cine lens, you can zoom in or out on your subject without losing focus. This feature is often necessary in filmmaking to capture a perfect shot.

Allow Bokeh

Bokeh is the blurry lights you see in the background of some shots. Some lenses will produce rounder bokeh, while others produce a more ovular shape. The shape is affected by the number of aperture blades in your lens. The bokeh will appear more spherical if your lens has a high number of blades.

Lens Flares

Flaring is the artistic use of light to enhance a scene. Sometimes, it does not look purposeful, and so it is used sparingly and must be tamed at times. The construction of a lens changes how light bounces within it. Flaring looks good in landscape scenes and other types of B footage but would not suit an interview or dialogue scene.

Purchase a Matching Set

The benefits of purchasing cinema lenses in a set from the same brand are that you know each lens will be compatible with your rig. Using a lens set from the same style and brand means you won’t need to recalibrate the settings when you switch lenses.

You will find cinema lenses that are compatible with any mount when you choose a Rokinon cine lens set. Knowing how to choose the best cinema lens for filmmaking is tough, but you can guarantee you have a quality lens when you buy Rokinon. Shop our online store today.

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