Manual Focus Lenses: What They Are and How They Work

Manual Focus Lenses: What They Are and How They Work - Rokinon

Diving into the world of photography can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Taking excellent photos means you must step away from the autofocus setting at some point. Knowing how manual focus lenses work is key to expanding your craft and taking photos like a professional. Keep reading to find out how it’s done.

What Is a Manual Focus Lens

Manual focus is a lens mode that allows you to have more control over the type of shots you take. Unlike autofocus, you control the focus instead of your lens. Some lenses are a manual focus lens only, while others have a manual setting.

When To Use Manual Focus

While you may prefer to use auto focus for all your photography, you will find times when manual is preferred. Manual focus is essential when photographing subjects in low contrast. Autofocus lenses may struggle to actually focus on your subject if the scene lacks contrast, meaning there are no edges for the lens to focus on. Further, you might prefer to use manual focus if you want to capture specific details on a subject, such as with macro or microphotography.

Pro Tip: Many filmmakers who use photo lenses only use manual. Filmmakers want complete control of the shot they are producing.

How To Use Manual Focus

If your lens is not a manual lens, you first need to change the settings on your camera to the manual setting. Then, you can start focusing the ring by hand. Check the window display for the focusing distance and calibrate until everything appears as clear as possible.

Now that you know how manual focus lenses work, you can start experimenting with all sorts of photography. You can take all types of pictures with a manual focus lens. Get the best images with a Rokinon manual lens that includes an internal focus system and a wide rubberized focus ring. Rokinon lenses reduce chromatic aberrations and distortions to help you take better quality images every time. Shop our online store today.

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