Reasons To Upgrade Your Lens Before Your Camera Body

Reasons To Upgrade Your Lens Before Your Camera Body - Rokinon

Like most photographers, you likely began your journey with a kit. If you feel like you’re beginning to outgrow your starter camera and are itching to buy a new one, you may just need a new lens. The reasons to upgrade your lens before your camera body are numerous and rewarding. Read on to find out how you can save money and expand your craft.

Make More of an Impact

When it comes to taking good photos, your camera lens matters more than the body. Your camera is only as good as its lens. An average camera mount with a great lens will take far superior photos than an advanced mount with a kit lens. Lenses control blur, focus, depth of field, and sharpness while the mount has far fewer functions such as burst rate or video capability.

Be Compatible

If you upgrade your mount before your lens, your kit lens may not be compatible with your new mount. It is easier to match a new lens to your mount. When you shop Rokinon online, you can shop lenses by mount to ensure you choose a lens that is compatible with your camera body.

Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

You should put your money toward the lens rather than the mount so that you are budgeting for what will truly impact your images. The lens is what delivers quality photos, and it can be used on multiple mounts. Lenses are long-lasting and tend to hold their value. In the future when you do upgrade your mount, you will still be able to use the same lenses.

Expand Your Craft

You know it’s time to get a new lens when you feel like you’re outgrowing your camera. A high-quality camera lens focuses faster and helps in low-light situations. While your kit lens likely has a few features to get you started, you’ll immediately notice the difference when you upgrade to a professional lens.

Saving money in the long run, expanding your craft, and focusing your efforts are all good reasons to upgrade your lens before your camera body. Save a little more when you buy Rokinon lenses for your Sony E mount. Rokinon lens products offer superior performance and advanced features at a price you can afford.

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