New 75mm T1.9 Cine Auto Focus Full Frame for Sony E

New 75mm T1.9 Cine Auto Focus Full Frame for Sony E - Rokinon

Rokinon Unveils The World's First Cine Auto Focus Lens Series, "Cine AF"

Rokinon identifies the needs of customers and announces a new lineup of lenses optimized for video content creators according to their needs. The new Cine AF lineup is the world's first lens for video creators designed to make video content creation more convenient. The first lens from this new Cine AF lineup is the Cine AF 75mm T1.9. and Rokinon will release four more lenses by end of 2023. Meet the new Cine AF lineup custom-designed for videography.

Key Features
Unified Form Factor – Compact & Light
The Cine AF increases compatibility with gimbals and drones by applying the unified form factors with its 5 different focal lengths (Ultra-Wide to Medium-tele). By providing a compact size of 73 X 70mm and a light-weight of less than 300g, there is no need to re-set the equipment when changing the lenses.

Tally Lamp - Excellent usability
The lamp located on the front and mount index helps the user to check whether a video is recorded or not while shooting. It supports video content creation more conveniently even in a small space without a lot of equipment.

Support 8K and the same color tone
The new Cine AF series supports resolutions up to 8K in a small and lightweight form, which is well suited for use with handheld gimbals and drones, as well as for studios and location productions. All lenses within the new Cine AF series are color-matched to avoid shifts when swapping lenses, and the 9 aperture blades allow for a natural-looking bokeh.

Custom Switch & Button
Features the 'Focus save' function usually in professional cine equipment and custom mode that adds function by firmware, which provides video-specific functions for students and amateur users who dream of cinematographers.

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